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Daily Flow

Free play

A simple breakfast can be provided for children who arrive at the school between 7:30 and 8:30.
(Currently being worked out, discussed and on processed.)

Indoor play, park / Outdoor play, etc.

On sunny days, you can go to the park or play in the mountain forest owned by the school.
You can stretch out on the pristine mountain nature and wooden deck, or play with baked potatoes.

School lunch

We use organic ingredients and ask "Taiyo Foods Co.
We do not use flour, milk or sugar as much as possible.
The food will also be prepared at the school under the supervision of a nutritionist and mineral organic advisor specialized expertise.

After lunch
Free play

(Children who need a nap get a rest.)

Music / Art time

Serving healthy snacks

Extended-hours childcare (in day-care centers)

※Please notify us as early as possible if you plan to use the extended day care service.